Why do we have to fundraise? 

The results of your fundraising efforts go toward (among other things) pool rental fees, coaches’ wages, maintenance and purchase of club equipment, and to keep monthly fees as low as possible.
All of our  Aqua Squirt, Development, Competitive and Masters swimmers, will have a Personal Fundraising Commitment (PFC) and will be required to provide cheques towards future club fundraising dated January 15 and May 15.  It will be up to individual families to decide whether to fundraise to reduce/eliminate this balance, or to have the cheques cashed for the total amount.  Club families that are not required to provide fundraising cheques (Aquasquirts) are encouraged to support the club by supporting club fundraisers.
While the majority of our fundraisers can be applied to PFC, there are several that are designated as “Club” fundraisers and no credit is given to PFC from these fundraisers.

Co-Op Gas

The Diamonds have a Co-op Gas number: 1076769! While this doesn’t go towards personal fundraising balances, using this number at Coop Gas Bars and Convenience Stores goes into the general club account and will help in keeping the fees down for next year.

Thrifty Foods

Our Thrifty Foods account is also set up and active.  To participate, please get a Thrifty Foods Community card from Meagan Nunez-Delgado.  Load your card before making purchases and pay for your regular grocery purchases with the Community card.  When you use your Community card to pay for purchases, 5% of the total amount loaded on your card  goes back to your fundraising account.  After loading your card, please submit the receipt (for the card load, not your groceries) to the Nunez-Delgado folder on the pool deck. the best online casino in the us

Country Grocer

For every $5,000 worth of receipts Country Grocer will give the club a $50.00 gift certificate. This is an excellent fundraiser because the gift certificates can be used to purchase items for the club throughout the year such as: flowers for the coaches, items for a fundraising basket at the Milkshake and Burger Night, items for the year-end dinner or prizes for swimmers. To participate, save your receipts and put them in the president’s folder on deck. virtual visa online gambling


Soap Exchange and Cobbs Bread

We also have accounts currently set up with Soap Exchange (10% back) and Cobb’s Bread (5% back).  Mention that you are with the Nanaimo Diamonds and  a percentage of your purchase (above) will go back to the club.  To have this percentage applied to your PFC, please submit your receipts to the Nunez-Delgado  folder on the pool deck.

Bottle Returns

We also have accounts set up at both bottle depots, in Nanaimo. If you bring in your sorted bottles and ask the attendant to put it on the “Nanaimo Diamonds Synchronized Swim Club account”, get a receipt and submit it to the  Nunez-Delgado folder, the amount of the receipt will be applied to your PFC.
Please encourage your friends and family to participate in these programs to maximize the benefits to the club (and your PFC).

Fundraiser Coordinators

Coordinators of fundraisers are entitled to apply 15% of the total proceeds of a given fundraiser to their personal fundraising account!  If you have a fundraising idea, or would like to volunteer to coordinate a fundraiser, please send an email to nanaimodiamonds@outlook.com.  It will be forwarded to the fundraising coordinator.